What is the proper procedure for charging my golf cart batteries?

Charging your batteries is one of the most important parts of golf cart maintenance.  Batteries must be fully charged to maximize capacity and life.  Without properly charging, your batteries will not provide the performance or reliability to meet your needs.

Start by checking that the water levels are adequate and are not below the tops of the plates.  If the levels are low, you need to add enough distilled water so it is just above the surface of the plates, no more.

Next, you want to ensure your battery connections are tight to avoid poor connections, which can impact charging.  Also ensure the vents are completely installed in the battery to avoid excess water loss.  Batteries “gas” while charging so always be sure there is adequate ventilation at the location where you’ll be charging your batteries to avoid gas buildup.  Never charge a frozen battery and avoid charging in temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Batteries have no memory so it’s important to charge them frequently.

What accessories can I add to my golf cart?

You can add a wide variety of accessories to customize your golf cart according to your needs.  Some of them include: light kits, rear flip seats, windshields, mirrors, horns, stereos, enclosures, lift kits, custom paint and graphics, custom wheels and tires, seat covers, carpet kits, custom dashes, heavy duty springs, custom steering wheels and under body light kits.

What are the most popular accessories?

The three most popular accessories include:  high quality standard or premium light kit; rear flip seat, which allows you to carry cargo; high quality windshield that folds in the middle to allow fresh air flow.  There are a multitude of accessories you can add to make your cart unique according to your needs.

What is needed to make a golf cart street legal?

The first thing you will want to do is check with your local laws and regulations to see if your community allows street legal carts.  The following is required for street legal carts:  headlights, tail lights, brake lights and turn signals, windshield, horn, rear view mirror, seatbelts, license plate bracket and windshield wipers.

What do I need to do before storing my electric golf cart for the winter?

1. You will want to first check your electro-light levels and batteries.

2. Make sure you have 1/2” of distilled water above the led plates in your battery cells.

3. Charge your batteries fully.

4. Place tow run switch in tow position or disconnect main battery cable leads.

5. In the spring, be sure to fully charge your batteries before using your cart.

How frequently should I charge my golf cart batteries?

Batteries have no memory so it’s important to charge them frequently.  The more often you charge them, the better performance and longevity you will get out of them.

What is the best way to cover my golf cart?

The best way to ensure your cart is covered properly is to purchase one of our high quality nylon storage covers.  They feature built in air vents to reduce the risk of mildew.  These have elastic at the bottom to ensure a good fit and they have high quality rear zippers for ease of installation and removal.  Our high quality golf cart covers come with a one year warranty.

How can I lift my golf cart?

There are many varieties of life kits on the market and we advise you purchase one that is high quality and safe.  Having a low-quality lift kit can not only damage your cart but also put you at risk of injury.  Safe golf carts are one of our top priorities and we recommend purchasing one of our Jakes Lift Kits. These are made in the USA and are the highest quality and safest of all lift kits manufactured.  We also recommend adding heavy duty rear leaf springs where applicable.    Not only do we sell and install your lift kits, we offer a wide variety of custom wheels and tires to compliment your golf cart.  With lifted carts, you can go up to a 23” tire.

Why doesn’t my charger work after storing my cart after the winter?

The nominal voltage of your battery pack is lower than what is required to turn the relay on in your charger.  For example, a 36 volt cart requires at least 25 volts to get the charger to turn on.  A 48 volt cart requires at least 33 volts to turn the charger on.  Your batteries can discharge at a rate of 4% per month over the course of the winter if you did not store them properly.  To resolve this situation, you need to isolate and change each battery individually in order to meet your minimum voltage requirements to turn your charger on.  We strongly advise that you have our expert team pick up your cart to inspect and recharge your batteries for you.

What is the difference between 36 volt and 48 volt?

A 36 volt cart is adequate for 2 to 4 passenger carts where you are on flat ground.  The 48 volt cart offers many more advantages in 2, 4 or 6 passenger versions.  They are designed to be used in more hilly areas and they offer extended range between charges compared to the 36 volt cart.

Can I trade my golf cart in for in a newer or better model?

Yes, we offer fair trade-in prices and have a large variety of carts to choose from.  Stop in to check out our golf carts.  Give us a call and we can pick up your trade in.